Organic Fabric
All our fabrics are produces and dyed organiccaly. To be called 'organic', the fabrics have to meet high-level environmental criteria: the GOTS-certificate.
Most of our fabrics are produced in India and Turkey.

GOTS certificate
GOTS stands for 'Global Organic Textile Standard'. To get this certificate, fabrics have to meet high standards. The materials, the process of making and coloring the fabric and work conditions are stricktly monitored and have to be approved.
Read more about the GOTS-Certificaat.

The fabrics 'in real life'
What makes organic fabric different from 'normal' fabric? Actually, you don't see a lot of difference! 
An exception are the handloom and hand-dyed organic cotton solid colored fabrics. Due to the process of making these fabrics, there can be some flaws in the color and structure of the fabric. This gives the fabric a certain charme, which is a matter of taste!

How to treat the fabrics
It is advisable to wash the fabrics before use. This prevents the fabrics from shrinking or fading after you have used them!
Cotton, linen, hemp or a combination of these fibers should be washed at 30 degrees. Wool fabrics should be washed by hand in cold water. Use a gentel laundry detergent and don't forget to seperate the colors! 
Fabrics can fade after washing frequently, so take good care of them.

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